Great Technology Companies

Working with some of the world’s leading companies, we offer a unique approach to venturing & corporate innovation.

Shipyard Technology Ventures is a global venture builder whose mission is to create or co-create great companies and to help large corporations sustain or extend their advantage through new ways of innovating.


Structured approach to identify areas of friction in large opportunity-laden markets with potential for disruption, limited innovation, poor technology and sluggish incumbents.


A rigorous methodology to build out and analyse opportunities and ideas using multiple perspectives and data to predict the likelihood that the opportunity can successfully be developed into a great company.


Automated launch process using the Shipyard Technology Factory and the Shipyard Shared Services Platform to quickly and cost-effectively create and launch the ‘ready for scale’ company.


A comprehensive management approach optimising the run and scale-up phase of the company.

Derive Value

Float, sell or carve out the company from the Shipyard.


Come up with new ideas or business models to address pain points or large opportunities or react to new competitive threats.


Validate new or existing ideas, concepts and business models quickly and objectively.


Reduce waste related to investing in bad ideas by proving or disproving Product Market Fit quickly and cost effectively.


Accelerate delivery time and reduce cost to market and ultimately to scale.


Digitize and optimize their R&D/innovation activities and their product development lifecycle.

How it works


Co-Create an independent company free from the constraints of your organization


Using our shared services, and components efficiently build and support the new company


Adhering to pre-agreed warranties, the corporate can take control of the venture at a later date, at a discount to the fair market value.

Talk to us to learn how we can help you accelerate the development of new products and ventures using the Shipyard Technology Factory and the Shipyard Shared Services.